Transforming trauma takes time, compassion, and creative expression.

Transforming trauma takes time, compassion, and creative expression.


As we go through life we find ourselves confronted with pathways that lead us to change, growth and perhaps new lives that are waiting for us. I always refer to my first life as that of ‘the secretary.’ Believing that I had very limited intellectual capacity, I avoided going to college, but my soul cried out to enter into the world of words, thoughts, and wisdom. Three degrees later I found my newest voice, the writer. My first publication, “Spiritual Surgery, a Journey of Healing Mind, Body and Spirit” is about the Mishkan, the Holy Sanctuary in the Torah that becomes a home for the Divine Presence and a place where the people Yisrael would meet their God. It is both a scholarly look at the commentary of our Sages as well as my contemporary take on finding meaning in this incredible structure. It reflects my deep understanding of the importance of creating in order to find healing in one’s life. I hope you will decide to venture into the life of the Israelite who was freed from a life of slavery, only to discover new ways to express their humanity and freedom. It is never too late to learn more about the Mishkan as we read about it every year. This book is available on Amazon or it can be ordered directly from me at

My writing also reflects the depths of my soul and the transformation that has taken place throughout my life. My memoir, “Alchemy of Darkness, Transformation of Spirit,” will hopefully be available by 2019. I also am hoping to share the wisdom I have acquired on the experience of aging with a publication entitled “SOAR – Aging with Grace and Resilience.” It presents a way to ‘expand spirit’ even as our body’s diminish or are challenged by illness. The soul has an unlimited path to find peace and continual growth even as we physically degenerate.

"The Mishkan was part of an ongoing form of 'Behavior Therapy' was a healing salve...G-d their spiritual 'surgeon' would sew up their wounds."


Coming 2019 "Alchemy of Darkness, Transformation of Spirit," an inspirational memoir.


"May we be angels for each other and alchemists for ourselves."