N'vay Shalom


            In 1993 my husband Steve and I, along with a number of families started a new venture, a synagogue based on family education and spiritual practice call N'vay Shalom, Oasis of Peace. It was an opportunity for my husband to express his enormous creativity, as well as his Kabbalistic family roots as a descendant of the great Rabbi Isaac Luriah.  I was just completing my Interior Design certificate when birthing this innovative community drew me even more. My need to express a deep suppressed vocal passion surfaced and I volunteered to be the cantor until we could afford one. This lead to another life, becoming an ordained Cantor and fulfilling my soul’s true calling.

            We shared a beautiful partnership for many years, he with his magnificent words and I with my heartfelt music. Many years later, in 2005, my husband became critically ill and our world was shattered. Much of this is described in greater detail in my memoir. I was suddenly faced with unexpected change. Our work partnership was halted and I had to find a way to continue expressing my musical voice. Without my rabbi I was half a team. Should I hire a Rabbi or become one? I chose the latter. Another life emerged and I continue to serve others N'vay Shalom, as well as the Los Angeles community, officiating, teaching, and facilitating.

            N’vay has changed and many of our long time congregants have dispersed as their dear Rabbi Steve became less available. Quality always trumps quantity and we have a group of loyal and dedicated congregants. We continue to serve each Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur together. My husband continues a part-time practice of healing, combining his Rabbinic, psychological and homeopathic skills. He is not only a great teacher of Kabbalah, but familiar with a life of constant pain and has found ways to support and heal others of their pain.

            As a caregiver I have learned many lessons, which I share in my memoir and teach in workshop settings as I did in 2018 for the Kalsman Institute,  Surviving and Thriving as a Caregiver. I am available to come to your institution/community or for individual counseling. I continue to offer a woman’s Torah study group every second Shabbat morning at 11:00– 12:30 as well as every third Shabbat for anyone, male or female, wishing to join us in our home. Please leave your name on the Contact page if you are interested in joining us. I will be offering a woman's ‘last day Seder,’ and spirituality retreat of nourishment through study, meditation and movement in 2019. The date and venue yet to be determined. If you are interested please leave your contact information for me at the end of the site where it says ‘Get In Touch.’ I hope you will find your way to something I offer over the coming year.

 This year we will gather Sun Sept 29 and Monday morning Sept 30 for Rosh Hashanah

Tuesday eve October 8 and all day Wednesday October 9

For further information please email nvayshlm@hotmail.com

Blessings and Peace.



"To find a partner and commit to growing and working together is one of the greatest blessings"